The History of Cordoba Coffee

An immigrant's dream: Bring something of their old-world culture to the new world and make a successful business out of it. Mr. Cordi and his family have lived this dream and the Cordoba Coffee Limited has become much more than our founder could have ever imagined. From the Italian roasting spirit, his victories and his challenges, a few lessons have woven themselves into our business culture:

The Present: Our Mission

A traditional coffee house, beans slowly roasting under the attentive eyes of a master roaster. Cordoba Coffee has been roasting superior coffee for over 20 years. The flavour comes from the freshest and finest beans and roasted with Italian tradition. Cordoba, makes their coffee in small batches so that each blend has a unique flavour and the coffee is bagged quickly so it reaches your coffee pot fast and fresh. The pride that goes into every bean, every bag is why we believe in our brand promise "good coffee is fresh coffee". Try one of our traditional or all natural organic flavoured blends of coffee.


At Cordoba, we are very environmentally conscience. We support Fair Trade Coffee along with our new line of bio degradable packaging. We want our carbon foot print to be zero and we are working hard with our partners to get there. Please read more about Green Monster….

Fair Trade benefits the farmer by guaranteeing them a fair price for their coffee. This brings them economic stability and a higher standard of living. It improves their access to loans, provides technical assistance, increases health care, and expands educational opportunities. While Fair Trade improves the wellbeing of the producers, it is just the beginning of an equitable economic and social system that Cordoba Coffee supports wholeheartedly.

Partnership Programs

Cordoba works with many different partners to create the perfect cup of coffee. We have affiliations with FAIRTRADE Canada, Eco–Cert, KSA, Guelph University and GPMC.

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